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You have access to free wireless access (aka "hot spots" & "WiFi" ) throughout the library with your own notebook, laptop or other mobile devices. This access does not require a password. Use of this service is governed by the library's Internet Policy.

  • The library's wireless connection is not secure. There can be untrusted parties between you and anybody with whom you communicate, and any information being transmitted could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Cautious and informed wireless users should choose not to transmit personal information (credit card numbers, passwords and any other sensitive information) while using wireless access.
  • Library staff can provide general information or handouts for connecting your device to the wireless network, but cannot troubleshoot problems related to your wireless device or assist in making changes to your device's network settings and/or hardware configuration. The library does not guarantee that your device will work with the library's wireless access.
  • All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices. The library will not be responsible for any information (i.e. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to your hardware or software due to electric surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking.
  • Printing is not currently available via the wireless connection. If you need to print, please save your work to a removeable storage device or email files to yourself, then login to a wired library workstation and send jobs to the public printer.
  • All users are expected to use the library's wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.

Use of the library's wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user. The library disclaims all liability for loss of confidential information or damages resulting from that loss.

Wireless FAQs:

What do I need to access the wireless network?
To access the library's wireless network, you need a laptop (or suitable PDA or other portable device) equipped with an 802.11 b or g compatible wireless card. Some portable devices have wireless cards built-in while others may require you to purchase a compatible card to plug into it. Installation of the card and its associated software will vary depending upon specific device, card and operating system. Your device must be configured DHCP and you cannot have a proxy configured on your browser. Library staff cannot assist you in making changes to the devices network settings and/or hardware configuration, nor can the Library provide network cards for your use.

How do I connect?
In most cases, you should be able to connect with the wireless network by simply scanning for the network and opening up a browser to start surfing. Details on configuring your portal device for a wireless network may vary depending upon specific models, operating system, and wireless card. For specific information on how to configure or troubleshoot your wireless connection, you will need to refer to your device's documentation.

Can I print from the wireless network?
No, there are no printers on the wireless network. To print, you will need to use one of the library's public access computers.

Can I access the Library's catalog and electronic databases through the Wireless Network?
Yes, access to both the library catalog and electronic databases are available through the library's website.