Recycled Robot Contest!

Create your own robot out of recycled materials with your family, and win a $25 prize this summer!

  • Robot must not exceed 36" tall.
  • Robots should be made out of recycled materials.
  • All pieces and parts must be securely attached.
  • Robots will be judged based on Creativity (and use of recycled materials). 
  • Please give your Robot a name and a job. 
  • Robots must be entered by Friday, August 8th.  They will be put on display, and judged by the library board on Tuesday, August 12th.  One Robot will win a prize for BEST Recycled Robot.   Robots must be picked up by August 29th.  Any that are not picked up by that date become the property of the library.  

Example:  This is "Sonny" and his job is to guard the library!



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